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Swift and Efficient Responder: Known for quick thinking and rapid problem-solving. Makes effective decisions under pressure, ensuring timely resolutions. Strong communication skills enable swift and concise information exchange, facilitating efficient coordination.

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Offering the best rates in the market, ensuring maximum value for your investment. Consistently providing competitive pricing and cost-effective solutions. Recognized for delivering exceptional quality at the most affordable prices, making us the top choice for budget-conscious customers.

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Global Investment Firm VanEck Predicts Ethereum's Price by 2030 – Here's What You Need to Know

July 19, 2023 [01:07 PM]
Global investment firm VanEck expects the price of ETH to reach $11,800 by 2030, given that Ethereum achieves $51 billion in annual revenue in that year. The report, written by VanEck’s digital assets research head Matthew Sigel and its digital assets senior investment analyst Patrick Bush, considers Ethereum's transaction fees, MEV, and “Security as a Service" to reach the conclusion. ... ⤍ read more

FAQs about BTC20

July 19, 2023 [01:07 PM]
1. What is BTC20? BTC20 is a new Proof-of-Stake crypto inspired by Bitcoin's early days and built on the Ethereum network. It has introduced a staking mechanism allowing holders to earn rewards. Its total supply is capped at 21 million tokens, emulating Bitcoin's structure, and it aims to raise $6.05 million in its presale phase.   2. How to invest in BTC20? Investing in BTC20 involves... ⤍ read more

A study reveals that 75% of Argentina's population demonstrates 'awareness' of cryptocurrencies.

July 19, 2023 [08:07 AM]
According to a recent study conducted by Bitso, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the Latin American region, Argentina has experienced a surge in crypto awareness, reaching a level of 75%. However, despite this increased awareness, many citizens remain cautious due to concerns over the volatility of tokens.   The study involved surveying 1,243 individuals across Buenos Aires, the capital,... ⤍ read more

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